World Trade Center Barcelona Repositioning

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José Bruguera

This reimagining of the public space of the WTC complex restores the spatial quality of the Central Plaza to its original grand form; sustainably updates the amenities, design, and technology of the plaza and lobbies; and offers WTC occupants and guests a variety of open and canopied spaces in which to work, gather, dine, and relax.

The design restores both the visual connection between the Primera Planta and Planta Baja and the Central Plaza’s identity as an iconic space with multiple levels. The eventful new pedestrian passage, from the approach to the complex to the revitalized lobbies, is designed to serve the high expectations of today’s international workforce and travelers.

This multifaceted renovation updates the World Trade Center complex with a reimagined plaza emphasizing green space and inviting informal gathering and collaboration. Orange trees planted in a cross shape are the centerpiece of the new plaza, replacing the original cross-shaped fountain and creating four areas shaded by cantilevering canopies. Space previously used for the fountain’s tanks and pumps houses a system for rainwater collection, providing a self-sufficient, sustainable irrigation method for the patio.

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Public space of the Pei Cobb Freed & Partners–designed World Trade Center at the Barcelona waterfront, just off the Ramblas


World Trade Center, Barcelona

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Images: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners