Our Practice

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners is an international architectural firm based in New York City.

Across six decades of practice, we have produced an exceptionally diverse portfolio of work—in scale, program, purpose, and expression. We are widely recognized for our commitment to craft, our sophisticated sense of form, our attention to shaping the public realm, and our ability to navigate complex projects and sensitive contexts.

Tivoli Hjørnet wraps Copenhagen's famed Tivoli Gardens with a hotel, shopping, and food hall, and an undulating climate wall with active electronic heliostatic shading.

We have completed over 250 building and planning projects in more than 100 cities across North America and around the world.

Our clients include major corporations, private developers, and public agencies, together with educational, cultural, civic, and religious institutions. We provide a holistic and integrated design process, incorporating capabilities that include strategic planning, programming, architecture, interiors, tall building design, urban design, campus planning, master planning, renovation/expansion, recladding, and repositioning.

Our work is motivated by a commitment to the craft of building.

We believe thoughtful use of materials and careful attention to detail are indispensable to creating a meaningful and responsible built environment. Our highly regarded in-house building enclosure expertise is central to this endeavor, as is our integrated approach to sustainability—joining context, culture, and climate with detailed knowledge of material technologies, building systems, and development strategies.

Our approach is guided by a dedication to the art of place making.

We draw inspiration above all else from program, place, and people, seeking to create built environments that nurture and enrich the daily lives of individuals, communities, and institutions. Our record of success comes from our ability to envision works of architecture that thoroughly reflect their clients’ aspirations, eloquently respond to their contexts, and actively engage their users and communities—and from our proficiency in communicating the principles and benefits of our design proposals to diverse stakeholders.

We conduct our global practice from a single design studio, combining large-firm capacity with small-firm character.

Our collegial and collaborative culture—guided by a hands-on approach—generates an innovative and highly responsive design process. Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our partners and a dedicated project team that integrates the judgment, expertise, imagination, and creativity of our diverse and talented professional staff.


Since our formation as I. M. Pei & Associates in 1955, we have been consistently recognized for design leadership and design excellence.

In addition to a number of awards for the totality of our practice, individual built works have received more than three hundred major awards, including twenty-five AIA Institute Honor Awards and three AIA Twenty-five Year Awards.



Yvonne Szeto Michael W. Bischoff José Bruguera Katherine Bojsza
partner emeritus
Michael D. Flynn
I. M. Pei Eason H. Leonard Henry N. Cobb
Associate Partners
Craig N. Dumas Andrea L. Day Min Lee Matteo Milani Hitoshi Maehara DuckJune Park
Senior Associates
Que Ranne Rhee Christopher Jend Michael Lyon Jinmin Rhee Jake Hokanson Will Garris
Xiao Qin Meghan Chin Jungwoo Lee Michael Kowalsky Byeongil Daniel Lee Junyong Park
Marc Diamond, Director
Information Technology
George Podolak, Director
Mark L. Malavsky, Director


In addition to the major firm awards described on this page, a full listing of firm and project awards is available for download below.

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Distinguished Achievement Award

Honoring the firm’s “significant contribution” to American architecture
—National Academy

Firm Award

Recognizing “notable achievements in design, community service, education, and service to the profession”
—AIA, New York State chapter

Lifetime Achievement Award

For the firm’s “outstanding contribution to the advancement of architecture, artistically as well as to the architectural profession”
—New York Society of Architects

Honor Award

Recognizing “excellence in design and advancement of construction technology”
—Construction Specifications Institute, Metropolitan New York Chapter

Chicago Architecture Award

For “significant contributions to architecture and to the design of urban environments”
—AIA, Illinois Council, and Architectural Record

Poses Creative Arts Award for Architecture

Recognizing “architectural innovation and excellence”
—Brandeis University

Firm Award

For the firm’s “consistently distinguished design”
—American Institute of Architects