Osaka Station Park Master Plan

Master planning the Second Development zone in Umekita Area is a transformative moment for Osaka, a chance to create a brand new hub, world class and unforgettable, at its very center.

The proposal can broadly be divided into three interrelated zones: center-east, south, and west. The center-east zone comprises the largest portion of the site and has been reserved for a grand open green space. The south zone is reserved for the largest development sites, while the west zone is characterized by a mix of uses, scales, typologies, and a range of community-scaled plazas, passages, and gardens.

The park is characterized by topography that gently rises and falls as it conceals the new JR station facilities, spans Osaka Station North-side Road No. 1, and meets existing grade at the edges of the site. A series of park zones of varying character and program are organized within an open matrix of paths connecting key points on the eastern and western edges of the site; together these paths form a continuous, unifying circulation loop within the site.

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A triangular site near Ebie-Umeda Road in the Umekita Area of Osaka, in close proximity to Osaka Station and the CBD.


Total above-grade development site area: 520,000 m2, total below-grade development site area: 112,000 m2; total below-grade public site and infrastructure area: 30,000 m2.


Development sites: 80,000 m2 of above and below-grade cultural and entertainment facilities; 196,000 m2 of office space; 357,000 m2 of live-work, R&D, hotel and residential space. Public sites and infrastructure (below-grade) : 6,000 m2 for JR Tokaido Line station, a 17,000 m2 shopping concourse, and a 7,000 m2 bus and taxi facility.

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Master planning

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Jay L. Berman

In keeping with Osaka’s characteristic underground, ground level, and above ground systems of circulation, the proposal responds in kind, taking care to integrate multiple levels of connectivity.

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Project Credits

Landscape: Ken Smith Landscape Architect, New York; Infrastructure Planning: LEVEL Agency for Infrastructure; Real Estate & Economy Development Strategy: HR&A Advisors; Images: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, PCF&P