Palazzo Lombardia Interiors

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Lead Designers
Henry N. Cobb José Bruguera Matteo Milani

As the seat of the Lombardy regional government, the interiors of Palazzo Lombardia’s podium and tower are technologically sophisticated but distinguished, carefully detailed, yet naturally inspired.

At ground level, entry lobbies, public amenities (shops, restaurants, and cafés), and varied public cultural facilities help engage popular interest and animate the public spaces while promoting social interaction. Welcoming the public indoors, the building lobbies are finished with natural materials, including wood veneer for walls and interior sunscreens and local stone (Beola Dorata) for the flooring, in continuity with the plaza paving.

One of the main features of the building is the integration of an active climate wall assembly. Two layers of glass are separated by a one-meter-wide cavity containing vertical blades that rotate to provide shade while maximizing transparency of the building envelope. The perforation of the louvers ensures the entry of daylight at all times, regardless of the configuration.

Show Facts

Within the 141,000 m2 / 1,510,000 ft2 PCF&P-designed Palazzo Lombardia complex


offices, lobbies, executive floors, auditorium, conference center, exhibition space, restaurant


Regione Lombardia

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Interior design

The narrowness of the climate wall’s interweaving strands brings significant daylight to all workspaces, minimizing the use of artificial light and direct solar gain.
Project Credits

Interior Architect of Record – furniture layout and selection: Tatiana Milone, Milan; Images: Fernando Guerra, Piero Mollica